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A Word Fitly Spoken - November


Africa Report - Raïs Neza Boneza

Assistance, Bi-lateral Cooperation and Humanitarian Interventions, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema  Posted 6/22/06

Bi-lateral cooperation and assistance or any other kind of interventions nowadays seem to be a political matter and an individual business. Instead, such activities should respond effectively and fruitfully to the need of people.


Transcend Africa Report

Development of Africa vs. Others

International Migration

War and The HIV/AIDS Epidemic


Sudanese Internal Displaced People

Rwanda: Conflict, Genocide

Ghettoization of African Literature

Rwanda: Child Rights Associations & Youth Movements








Visit a writers' website in the UK. The idea behind the new website,, is for it to be an open literary showcase for new writers to join and submit their own short stories. They will then have them ‘published’ online for others to read and provide constructive feedback.  We hope to encourage budding unpublished writers to flex their creative muscles, without any hassles of creating their own websites.  The site went live over the Christmas period 2005, and we are adding new functionality every day; our site now features a writers & readers forum, a reader feedback& scoring  system, a list of writing resources on the web, and all our stories are now fully indexed and keyword searchable. Click to visit

Fiction Writing Tips, Marketing Books
Online resource for new authors wanting to refine their writing or internet marketing skills. Features free, expert-written articles on both the craft of writing fiction and internet marketing, free writing and marketing newsletters, a Short Story Ezine for new authors, a Blog, and useful links.

Vista - A highly-specialised MONTHLY magazine which will soon go into circulation from Lagos, Nigeria, is looking for columnists from all over the world in the following areas:

1. INSIDE ASIA (a column that looks at developments in the Asian continent, with particular attention paid to cultural issues). 2. SITES [ancient ruins and sites, archaeology, Egyptology, world heritage sites, etc]. 3. MOVIE REVIEW/MUSIC REVIEW 4. GAMES (Sudoku, Awale, football, etc methods and rules of play). 5. GARDENING 6. PETS. 7. FARMING 8. DISCOVERY (A look at trends, speculations and breakthroughs in technological and medical research e.g. The Semantic Web, the new Airbus A380). 9. THE COSMOS (space exploration, galaxies, astronomy). 10. UNDERWATER. 11. CARTOONIST/ARTIST

Interested writers should send an email, indicating area(s) of interest to for guidelines, following which they will be required to send in two sample articles, following the guidelines they will be given. Payment will be per every article used.


Read...  Northern Uganda: Ugandan Artists Continue to Speak Out, by By Jane Musoke-Nteyafas


Call for Papers: Writing Fiction - Art or Craft - We seek submissions for an upcoming series. Click here


Mazwi Edu Writer’s Project

Stanley Makuwe, a Zimbabwean writer living in Auckland, New Zealand together with Tinashe Mushakavanhu a writer living in Zimbabwe have organised a writing competition titled Mazwi Edu (Our Voices) to try and assist disadvantaged unpublished writers living in Zimbabwe.
There is little new coming out of Zimbabwe and one way to encourage people to write is by introducing a competition. The ethos of the competition is less about winning but more about creating space for a new generation of Zimbabwean writers. Mazwi Edu Writers Competition is committed to supporting the development of Zimbabwean Literature.
   Write Tinashe


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 Breathing Poetry 
Read the craft essay: "Breathing Poetry" by Dan Masterson

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John Allman


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Camille Claudel

The Rwandan Tutsis

Places to be Blessed

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A Word Fitly Spoken

Sep. '06


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         by Ehi

Yam without Soup

Ola, The Morning Sun

Niger Delta



Nigerian Cyberscams

Ehi the Underachiever

Understanding Nigerian Capitalism

Poor Jeremiah

Now in AudioBook!

God in Sandals: When Jesus Walked Among Us ISBN 1591607183 458 pages

This novel is a vivid word-portrait of Jesus.
Retracing his footsteps across the pages of the Gospels, this story colorfully paints his character in depth and gives insight into the social and political times in which he lived. We meet a Jewish Jesus, a human Jesus, and an irresistible, divine Jesus. Besides the familiar characters of the Bible, a few fictional ones spark the imagination with new, insightful perspective. Through his disciples, angels, relatives, friends, and enemies, we learn what it was like to know him, giving us a sense of “being there”. Forty-five devotional-like chapters unveil God’s extravagant love, which was perfectly revealed through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This is a powerful portrayal of the man Jesus who was God eternal.


Searching for More - Jenny Wren

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