Following Jesus

By David C. Cook III


Copyright 2000 Bruce L. Cook

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Miraculous healing is not confined to Bible times.

Jesus continues to heal body, mind and soul today.


We are often frightened in this day and age like little children. Even though we may really know that Jesus is always present with us, we want to hide our face in shame or in confusion or misunderstanding. Perhaps we face the maddening crowd in frustration. We refuse to budge an inch.

These are the times when we are most in need of Jesus. These are the times when we are often forced by disappointment or grief or loneliness to surrender our lives completely and wholly unto Him.

But Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He regards us as tender sheep in His sacred flock. He embraces us in the knowledge that we are His own children. He washes the leprosy of our souls away through the power of His redemptive love. He restores us, as we trust our lives unconditionally to Him.

Jesus is never shocked by our mental or physical or spiritual condition. Constantly He is looking for the opportunity to touch us with the gift of His cleansing healing love. No matter what we may have said or done, Jesus is always ready to cure us. Jesus takes our sins of omission and commission and washes them away.

Sometimes we need to fall upon our face before Him and say, "Lord, I am sorry for all that I have been. Master, I am unworthy of the task you have set before me. Forgive me for all my transgressions. Same me. Transform my life and make me whole once again."

Sometimes we need to declare, "I know that you can make me clean."

It is so very true. Jesus is the great Forgiver. He is forever merciful. He reaches down His hand of mercy. He cleanses the impurity of our souls. He touches us and says, "I will. Be clean."

"Be thou made whole."

We are washed as white as snow as the leprosy of our souls is cleansed away.

Jesus is the perfect Healer. He can cure any problem, any disease any mental condition. He never stands on local tradition. There are no circumstances in His environment, which are without cure. No matter what your problem is, say to Him, "Master, I accept your perfect healing. I am grateful for your loving compassion. I wait for the experiences of your Presence while you place your finger on my fainting, failing weakness. I know your healing touch as it radiates through my entire personality. The shackles of my burdens fall away. The scales of responsibility disappear as you shear them from my care. Thank you for seeing me whole and free. I leave all my worries with you. I leave all memories of failure with you. I trust everything I ever had or want to be into your loving care."

"Now I merely follow. You are the leader. I follow the Leader's will. No longer do I clutch for results. The results are in your hands. No longer do I clutch for comfort or for benefits or for evidences of cure."

"All of the results belong to you. You bring the results. I only accept them. I relieve myself of all responsibility for results as long as I do my best to follow you."

"Lord, I live in the midst of your world of freedom, knowing that all responsibilities, all burdens, all remedies rest in your hands. Jesus, I believe."

"Master, I accept your perfect healing which begins with my complete trust in you right here and now. There is no more perfect cure. I know that it is true. The name of Jesus is Wonderful. I accept the perfect healing in your name."


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