Praying with Jesus

By David C. Cook III


Copyright 2000 Bruce L. Cook

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Silently now we release all our worries and frustrations and resentments in the Presence of the Master--knowing that He cares for all our transgressions--all our weaknesses--all our responsibilities as we trust our lives into His care. Jesus releases as He purifies!

Prayerfully now we seek His guidance for every moment that is ahead. We seek to live in His love throughout every daily experience of trial--of joy--of Christian adventure. Closely now we feel the touch of His healing power--flowing through us as the force invincible--curing all heartache--mending all weakness--healing all sickness or disease. We touch the hem of His garment and His magnificent love makes us whole and complete.

Now we rest in peaceful harmony that is everlastingly secure. We know that His health and assurance resides in us as a part of His Kingdom within.

Thank the, Master, for they healing, loving assuring power.

To the honor and the glory of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.


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