I Know my Daddy Loves Me


by Sgt. Jered C. Herndon, US Army (now serving in the Middle East)


Author's Note:
This is for my son, and any other child who has a parent deployed overseas.

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I Know My Daddy Loves Me

I know my Daddy loves me,
Each and every day;
I know my Daddy loves me,
Even though he's far away.

He calls me on the telephone,
I tell him that I'm sad
He can't be here to play with me
Like other children's dads.

I want him to be here with me
In laughter and in tears,
I want him here to give me hugs
And chase away my fears.

He tells me that he misses me,
But he has a job to do.
He knows how much I need him,
But other children need him too.

The kids there cannot go to school
And don't have much to eat,
No warm beds to snuggle in,
Or shoes upon their feet.

My Daddy is there to help them,
So they won't be so sad.
He's going to make it better,
And knowing makes me glad.

He tells me that he thinks of me
Each moment of every day,
He always keeps my picture with him,
And in his prayers I stay.

And soon before I know it
He'll be home with Mom and Me;
We'll be united once again,
A stronger family.

But 'till that day has come at last,
I'll do all I can do
To help my Mommy in every way;
She misses Daddy too.

And when I lie in bed at night,
I'll say a little prayer;
I know my Daddy loves me,
No matter when, No matter where.


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