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Innisfree 3, September 2006


E. Louise Beach

Campfire at Lake Michigan

First Fruit

I Wish to Make a Poem


Anne Becker

Ballad of a Thin Man

What the Ear Hears the Lips Sing


Brad Bisio

Art History


Jane Blue


The Nature of a City


The Cat   


John Bush

Elizabeth Walking


Wendy Taylor Carlisle

The Year in Sports

The Life of Meat


Grace Cavalieri

What I Meant to Teach

Guilt by Association

Truly a Problem of Reference

Fear and Wonder


Norma Chapman

Filling the Silence


In the L&H Cafe


James Cihlar

Bergen Mercy

What My Ex Used

What I Used


Beryl the Bear


Ellen Aronofsky Cole

To Wayne, Diagnosed with

   Schizophrenia in 1973


Ruth Z. Deming

The Men who Love Me


Martin Dickinson

Applepicking, Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Death of Osip Mandelstam

Washing Rocks at the Geology Museum

After the Fire

Moira Egan

Adulteress Aubade

I Am

High School Corridor, Early Morning

Venus® Divine™

Grimm Rondeau

Ronda Eller

White Crimson



Martin Galvin

The Cold Facts about Real Estate

The Fun House on the Midway

Ms. Dickinson at the Laundromat

Timed Tests


Bernard Jankowski

After Tommy's Mom Left her Note

Louie, the Hungarian Chef, Hurled the Plate

The Air is Late November Thin

Coach Zoulias Stood in the Snow


Hiram Larew

Pink Roses

Life with a Candle


Lenny Lianne

And Tomorrow, a Wilderness of Riches

The Jamestown Weed

The Plant Hunter


Michael H. Lythgoe

Saint Sebastian

Joint Replacement Surgery


A Painting of Shoes for Rehab

Like the Lion


Judith McCombs

When Towers Burn

At the Bronze-age Citadel


Susan Bucci Mockler

End of Winter

What I Wish I Didn't Know

My Father's Sister


Miles David Moore


A Taste to Die For

Poetry and Music


Kathi Morrison-Tayler

Back Walkover


Bad Dog, Memory

Pile of Discarded Shoes


Bonnie Naradzay

Bathing in Benares

Evening Boat Ride:Rhine River


Barbara J. Orton


The Offering

Alphabet of the Sleepless Night


Steven Pelcman

Unknown Faces


Roger Pfingston

Tom's Pasture

The Silence



Jacqueline Powers
How Families Diverge

   Like Eddies in a Stream

At the Bedside of the Eternal Matriarch

Eternity in a Red Leather Tote

Easter Morning


Julie Preis


Dream House

Poem for Fall


Eve Rifkah

Suzanne Falls in Love

André Utter Falls in Love

Maurice Paints bleak and Lonely

Self-Portrait at 66



Kim Roberts


The Floating World

Delphi at East Haddam

Two Studies of a Bear


Teri Rosen

Passing Through

What I Didn't Do on my Summer Vacation

Week Three at the Arts Colony


Helen Ruggieri

A Mythtake


Karen Saunders


Georgetown at Night

Demeter in Late Autumn

Father's Return

Neighborhood Suicide


Karen Schubert

For the Boys


J.D. Smith


Essay on Pleasure

For a Guinea Pig

Diary Excerpt

From a War Diary


Dean Smith

Hilary's Moon

Delivery Room, 2004

My Father's Gun, #3

Pulling the Trigger


Last Photographs, Tilghmann  Island


Rose Solari

That Day

Somewhere between Four and Five A.M.

Island, with Goats

Wine Tasting


Margo Solod

Why It Is always the Same


False Spring


Colette Thomas

[since you asked]




Steven Trebellas

Like my Mother's

Hound Blood



Rosemary Winslow


The Day

Mother, Then and Now

Beslan, et Alia


Kathi Wolfe


In Heaven

Annie is Buried


Anne Harding Woodworth

Crows and Oaks

Ivy Poison Ivy on our Cyclone Fense

Lucky Blackbird of the Kirby Moor B&B

Speaking Crow

Ernie Wormwood

Elvis and Me

Nobel Novelist

Viene la Sera

Insomniac Theater

A Couple, After Truffaut


Katherine Young

Travel Overland

Driving the M8

Stars with Blazing Hair

Last Flight of the Gypsy King