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Innisfree #1, September 2005

Greg McBride, Editor



Carol Ashworth

Losing Sight


E. Louise Beach


Farm Fire

After the Wake




Sandra Beasley


Jal Orderly


The Aerialists


Anne Becker

The Blessing    


Mel Belin



Rick Cannon

Zebedee’s Lament

Unvisited Towns


Nancy Naomi Carlson



Norma Chapman

You Never Loved Me Anyway


Christopher Conlon

The Haunting


Michael Davis

When I’m Hot


Martin Dickinson

Building a Campfire


Jehanne Dubrow



Moira Egan

Punk Rock Girls


La Gruta

Poets & Fishnets

At 3 AM


Sean Enright

Frog for Mary and Sam


Perry Epes

Going to Save the Woods on Fire


Martin Galvin

Giggling Man with Comb


Rachel Galvin

Traveling Peddler’s Declaration


In the Loire Valley

After the Eclipse

Village of Twice-Salted Seas


Bernadette Geyer

My Mother’s Thumbs


Patricia Gray


Washington Days


Laurie Hurvitz

How to March


Tod Ibrahim

Depth of Snow

Inventory:  Word Works Book Titles


Bernard Jankowski

She Smiles the Way an Asian Woman Does


Lisa Kosow

Josephine at Malmaison


Michael Lally

from The God Book


Hiram Larew

David in the Bible

A Poet’s Funeral


Michael H. Lythgoe

Triptych: Manassas Studio


Ebby Malmgren



Dan Masterson

On His Own


Ryan McAlister

the last game


Judith McCombs

Turtle Pond, Crab-Apples In Bloom

Rock, Water, Root: A Short History


Miles David Moore

The Man Who Hated Oceans


Daniel Abdul-Hayy Moore

Little Owls


Heidi Mordhorst

Listening to the Laundry


Yvette Neisser

Juliek’s Violin


Judy Neri

Brookside Gardens: Butterfly Thoughts


Bonnie Nevel

How I Learned Where Babies Come From


Barbara J. Orton

What She Said


Eric Pankey

As One Sets a Fire

Summer Work

Variation on a Previous Theme


Jacklyn Potter

The Gift

The Old Borders


Ellen Sazzman

Pumping Gas 1956


J.D. Smith


Sans Issue


Rose Solari

Boy on A Cross, De Vargas Park, Santa Fe


Alan Spears

Difficult Days

Working Retail


Gary Stein

Left Alone In The Café Reggio


Adele Steiner

For The Three Monkeys


Mark Tarallo

Sunday Evening


Colette Thomas

when it comes


Doug Wilkinson

In Front of Davis Hall


Rhonda Williford

The Flight of The Ancient Women


Terence Winch



Rosemary Winslow

To A Fish


Kathi Wolfe

Café Algiers: Cambridge, Massachusetts 1975


Anne Harding Woodworth

900 Years of Jazz

Jazz Piano


Bill Wunder

Off Limits

Riverside Cemetery