Following Jesus

By David C. Cook III


Copyright 2000 Bruce L. Cook

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As we follow Jesus today, we see

the power of His tender love.


          Is it possible, in this twentieth-century, to overcome all difficulty with the eyes of Christian love, like Jesus?

          Can we win the confidence of all our personal opponents;

                    By accepting them completely?

                    By loving them completely?  and;

                    By taking them into our hearts in Christian prayer?

          Can we look at each person whom we meet, with the eyes of Christian love, as a special way of meditation today?

                             It really is true: 

                                       There is no finer worship-center

 than the center of worship which you see

 in the heart of another person;

                                       Look for the Christ in everyone you meet today.

                                       Bless each person whom you see

                                                every moment of the day,

                                       Let your blessing speak to him;

                                                through the spiritual waves

                                                of the universe.

                                       Pray for every person who needs

                                                God's help.

                                       Be at one; with each one.

                                       Let the Master's love perform a mutual attachment.

                                       You can even love, the un-lovable.

                                       It's a precious privilege, which the Master

                                                will help you to do!

                                       Look for the goodness in each person;

                                       As Jesus recognizes the goodness in you!




Moment By Moment, Let Your Heart Dwell

In The Presence Of The Master



Even in the midst of a society infiltrated by corruption,

          Love wins the way.

Even when a friend rejects you,

          Love is the answer.


God draws a circle of compassion that takes him in;  Jesus does not come to us out of the blue, accompanied by a legion of angles;

          He comes to us through real life;

                    Sometimes through failure,

                    Sometimes through tragedy,

                    Sometimes through the word

                             of a teacher,  of a minister (minister teacher)

                             or, of a friend.


          All men through Grace are redeemed.

                    Jesus came to us in human flesh;

                             He was subject to the torments of (the) this world,

                             He knew temptation,

                             He experienced anger,

                             He wept, in sorrow,

                                       when he heard his friend, Lazarus, was dead.

                             He wept over Jerusalem.

                             He sweat drops of blood in Gethsemane,

                                       even as his friends deserted Him.

                             His words echo through the ages.


          Jesus is the true Savior of our soul;

                    He is the Messiah for whom many have been seeking,

                    He saves you from feelings of guilt, through his forgiveness,

                    He saves you from feelings of frustration,

as you place your trust in Him,

                    He saves you from feelings of anger,

                             through His understanding and precious Love.

                    He saves you from slavery to the opinions and manipulations

                             of others, through the spirit of Freedom;

                             which comes from following Him only.


          Jesus loves you even when you hesitate to defend Him.

          Jesus looks at you tenderly,  knowing that you are His own.

Jesus Christ looks at you with the eyes of consecration!

          He blesses you,

          He lifts you to a level of living that transcends

                    all worry and frustration.

          He washes your heart,  body and mind, with;

                     the cleansing spirit of His Presence.


When you confront a host of enemies, (whether they be hostile thoughts, or hostile people):

          Jesus takes you by the hand;

          Together you pass firmly and resolutely

through the midst of them, and go your way.


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