Following Jesus

By David C. Cook III


Copyright 2000 Bruce L. Cook

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I can see that Jesus lives with us today

Just as surely as he did two thousand years ago.


He is the perfect answer to our spiritual recovery.


He takes us out of the wilderness into the peacefulness of the river,


The river of Christian living.

He makes himself known to us as we seek for His forgiveness.

He bathes us in the waters of love and compassion.

The cleansing power of His truth makes us forever free.


Now think about yourself -


Think about your relationship to the world around you.

Think about your relationship with Jesus.


Jesus is your perfect forgiver.


He is your divine Redeemer!

He is your perfect guide.

Place your hand upon His shoulder.

Experience the warmth of His presence with you.


He accepts you right now where you are as you are.


He loves you way beyond your personal deserving.

He makes of your life not a tavern but a temple.

He looks into your heaped up heart and finds there all the intrinsic motives of sincerity that only He can understand.

He discovers all the beautiful radiant desires which no-one else has looked quite deep enough to find.


He does all this by expressing His own self through you


"His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty

God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

Of the increase of His government and peace there shall

Be no end."




Let Him shoulder your burdens.

Let Him guide your life.


There is no reason for you to retract your burdens from the shoulders of the Governor.

There is no reason, no not one.

He is the burden bearer.


He died on the Cross to relieve you of your sins,


Of your frustrations,

Of the problems that overwhelm you.

 Repent, relinquish, restore.

He is the Prince of Peace - the Prince of Peacefulness in your own heart.





Let Him baptize you in the waters of His Forgiveness,


Of His Love,

Of His Compassion.


Now think about Jesus, your Master, and remember that He is very close to you.


The Master in blessing you now this moment.

Blessing you with the power of His abiding love.

He understands you as no-one ever has before as no-one else is capable of doing.


He knows the real reason for your personal failings and He cares.


He loves.

He forgives.

He redeems.

He restores.


He cares for you more than you ever possibly could care for yourself.

His plans for your life are higher than you could ever conceive.

He sees the real you, achieving the mission He has prepared for you.


Look into the eyes of Jesus Christ and His love will set you free.  

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