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Pattern of Ripples

  Picture within your mind an imaginary pool of water. Visualize a stone thrown into the water and see the waves of concentric circles that emulate from its point of contact. Watch the ripples as one after another emerges into the next ripple and the next, till the pattern of
ripples disappear.

  This imaginary scene embodies an essence of reality in life. It contains the Universal Law of Cause and Effect which permeates the World we live in and extends into our personal lives. Knowingly or
unknowingly the cause and effect of each days passing presents an observable pattern of ripples. The pattern of ripples emerge and ultimately reflect upon our total being. The inner being of our spirit, soul, and mind and our outward being wherein we manifest our human
life. Justifiably, we each exhibit therein our own free will and produce accordingly, ripple after ripple; bearing the responsibility of our own ripples which proceed from us and go onward. With our free will in thoughts and actions evolves the ripples of cause and effect that
becomes our personalized realities. These personal signatures encapsulated in such ripples ultimately diverge into the ever
increasing pattern of ripples that surround our human existence.

  It is stated that it takes seven continuos days of repetition to form
habits (to ones liking or disliking) and usually twice as long to break them. This form of cause and effect is being played out subconsciously and consciously everyday thru the working of our free will. Our personalized free will exercised in our thinking, our emotions, and our
actions. Such free will is a wonderful tool when used in harmony within the spirit, soul, and natural body; but becomes a destructive tool when it is out of harmony with the spirit, soul, or natural body. The cause and effect of its harmony or disharmony is evident as it appears in ripples represented in the patterns of our reality within our personal lives. Most assuredly, like a stone thrown into a pool of water, our
coarse and destiny is altered, ripple after ripple, as we sojourn on.

  Living today in the 21st Century carries its own inherent and numerous patterns of ripples. It does not matter which continent, nation, or country inhabited there are the pattern of ripples in cause and effect which incorporate into each human beings metaphysical existence. Even
with all the cultural and genetic diversifications humanity is also subject to the compiled century's profile within the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Good, bad, or indifferent these patterns of ripples non discriminately assimilate and infiltrate the psyche of the populations as each generation passes on its legacy.

  Assuredly our Creator of the Universe, YaHWeH, has provided this Universal Law of Cause and Effect as a perpetual roadmap in our history and a compass within our reality. The trajectory pattern of ripples
that spans the ages has projected a distinct coarse that adheres Mankind. For within this great Cosmos the pattern of ripples sent forth from the very beginning have ordered space and time in a continuum
explicit to the Infinite Mind of ourCreator. The cause and effect to be known to each living soul as itkinetically strives to master its unknown territories of mind, soul, and spirit. For the pattern of ripples from the eternal heartbeat of our Creator fills the expanse of our Earthly discoveries and inspires us onward in our Spiritual quests.

  The Universal Law of Cause and Effect ushers Mankind in a propelling force of patterns of ripples that sweeps thru each living soul; perhaps as a tidal wave one moment only to be a trifle splash the next moment. To remember in consideration our own pattern of ripples as we discover
the effects we have upon our surroundings; and the effect the pattern of ripples from our surroundings has upon us in turn, is a challenge to say the least. The totality of our life is bound in certain areas in
such cause and effect, only to be loosed in others of cause and effect as we pass from year to year.

  As the Light and Truth of YaHWeH is introduced into our lives thru patterns of ripples we find ever increasing ripples that accentuate our personal lives as well as the lives that surround us. Sometimes to the natural eye there is little proof of this Universal Law workings till a
dramatic wave rebounds and we are are able to actually witness its cause and effect. And even then it remains allusive, for it truly is born of the Spirit of YaHWeH and can not be contained or copied. To say
we can manipulate the Universal Law of Cause and Effect is presumptuous; but we can manage portions of it within our own personal lives as we continue to progressively understand and a tune ourselves to its experience. For we each begin to serve our purpose in cause and
effect as well as the cause and effect always serves its purpose in us.
Patterns of ripples from each one of us constantly adding and detracting, converging and diverging, all simultaneously as the originator of the first pattern of ripples caused them to be.

" Bequeathed to You This Day a Passage in Life's Way
A Ripple to be Formed A Portrait to be Borne
Tis Truth in Law a Cause and Effect to be Known
Holds Eternity Suspended and Reality Adorned

  2004 C.L. Mareydt d23  all rights reserved

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As a state of being, quietness is in direct contrast to the World we
occupy and the American Lifestyle altogether. The perpetual noise index
is at its highest peak within our structured cities that now seem to
stretch into endless waves of suburbia. There literally seems to be the
hum-buzz of noise in every scenario imaginable and it tenaciously seems
to interfere with all efforts of finding any outside quietness.

  The perception of quietness, as a relative state of being, must then
lie within the mind and soul of each man, woman, and child. Perhaps to
become a comfort zone to some, only to be a torture to others. The
dividing line seemingly depends upon the consciousness of each human
being. Quietness may be longed for by a few only to be shunned by many.
Because quietness is often pushed away in blatant rejection within our
social orders today from the young to the old; quietness as its own
identity has become more illusive than ever.

  In our modern everyday lifestyles we have opted to invite the
of quietness instead. Even Nature's quiet harmonies are surreptitiously
defaulted by our own projections of life. The natural state of Nature
and its peaceful quietness has become secondary within our demanding
society. For it seems that the newest of man's creative inventions have
surmounted a noisy assault against what was once highly esteemed as our
haven's of quietude. Unmistakably, there still remains a law of
quietness, and that law is a self contained universal law unto itself.
Therefore this law is only upheld by those who might see it in the
purity and light of its Creator.

  Quietness, after all, is possible to find in the middle of a busy
bustling crowd. Quietness can also be found in the mist of towering
city buildings, as well as in the solitude of a nursery room with a
crying baby; or on the knoll of a hill far away from all humanity. One
can even find quietness in the sanctuaries of commonness, or in the
many galleries of daily boredom. For truly, quietness is found in the
heart of it's possessor.

  The awesome grandeur of quietness holds uncharted territories which
defers to each individual who adventurously searches. Our Creator
purposely graced quietness as a refuge to be found. It can be found
outwardly and also inwardly, within the depths of our own being, if we
will but seek. Our spirit will know the paths of quietness as our feet
set upon its coarse. For the roads less traveled in quietness are the
very ones that enlighten the soul. Quietness never despises its seeker
and forever invites the aware. Like a cooling breeze on a hot summery
day, quietness lingers just long enough to be noticed. Once noticed
quietness beckons to be honestly recognized in appreciation. For in the
appreciation comes a joy in knowing that such quietness is exactly what
the heart has yearned for and the spirit greets. For quietness does
come to those who patiently seek. Not knowing its time of arrival, not
expecting its departure, quietness will come.

Oh, surely I have caught thee
  though no capture can it be
  for quietness is not mine
  nor can I send it to thee.

  But remains the invisible gift
  that seems to ebb and flow
  for quietness you see my friend
  tis revealed within the soul.

  Quietness has therefore remained ageless and underestimated. Few
words can describe it accurately, for quietness is full of ethereal
ambiguities that are evasive to the reasoning mind. Quietness
fleetingly appears before the natural eye, only to mysteriously
dissolve in a flood of nouns and synonyms. The quality of quietness
like a healing ointment bids to embraces the soul and soothe the
anxious heart. Through quietness we are enabled to engage the universe
and reflect upon the cosmos of time. Through such quietness we
incorporate the infinite knowledge within the spirit with the mind's
eye directed toward reality. In such quietness we reach toward our
Creator in communion, with the heart set toward eternal proclamations.

Till in absence of myself
  to bequeath a portion divine
  there needs to be willingness of soul
  swept into quietness sublime.

  2004 C.L. Mareydt d23