A Taste for Eggs, by Chaltone Tshabangu   (Zimbabwe) (Selected for Author Africa 2007) Posted 12/16/06

Witness Relocation, by Tinashe Mushakavanhu  scheduled for Author Africa 2007 Posted 10/15/06

Memory of Shame, by Patrick Midzi scheduled for Author Africa 2007  Posted 5/20/06

Park Muses, by Tinashe Mushakavanhu Posted 5/21/06

An Unconquered Sadness, by Patrick Midzi  Posted 4/29/06

Counting Down the Hours, by Blessing Musariri  Posted 11/27/05

Maria, by Patrick Paddington   Posted 8/5/05

Broken Pieces, by Patrick Midzi (PG-13)  Posted 3/5/05

The Small Hours, by Adrian Ashley   Posted 1/22/05

Too Close for Comfort, by Blessing Musariri (G) Posted 1/9/05

Done for Love, by Fungai James Tichawangana -  (G) Posted 2/15/04









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