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Anietie Isong, editor


"A Ladye Fayre"…, nonfiction by Leslie J. Weddell Posted 10/9/05

Trafalgar 2005, by Leslie J. Weddell  Posted 7/4/05

Sleeping with Dragons, by Leslie J. Weddell

While You Sleep, by Frances Pallett  (G)

The Dark, by Lee Weetman (G)

Kids, by Elaine Davis  (PG)

The Lighthouse, by Lee Weetman

The Rules, by Lee Weetman

Selfish Shells, by M. K. Hall 

Dead Air Diaries, by RAM  

Cocoon, by Holly Sismore

Forbidden Love, by Paula Jayne Timms

A Holiday to Remember, by Paula Jayne Timms

Flight on an Airplane, by Judy Bellomy

Sleepless Nightmare, by Michael Acton 

Circle of Dragons, Book One, The Beginning of The End,  by Garry Brown

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

How to Write for the Internet, by Lynette Rees  

September 11th - A Tribute, by Simon Marshland 

Judd and Molly, by Dom Passantino

Nothing Seems to be Clear Anymore, by Elaine Lee

Bio-Crisis, by Lucifer Thirteen 

Big Nature, by Richard Whiting

RockMusic, by Paul Walters

The Sea Devil and the Old Man, by James Owen

Chanky Pig, by Jim Fresh

The Short Tale of Chanky Pig, by Jim Fresh

Trio of Vignettes , by Simon Marshland

Eccentrics, by Simon Marshland 

A Possibility of Realities , by Simon Marshland 

Title Withheld --  A Novel by Simon Marshland -- Removed for Publication. Great work, Simon!

Soulmates, by Simon Marshland

Ferdinand: The Bull Who Loved Flowers (Especially Yellow Ones), by Simon Marshland

The Quest for the Eerie Glow - A Novel for Older Children and Adults Who Haven't Lost Their Magic --  by Simon Marshland --  Removed for Publication. Great work, Simon!

Death, by Simon Marshland

The Bournemouth Runner, by Carl Fannen

The Falling Tree, by J. P. Cross

One Good Turn, by J. P. Cross 

The Moonlight Tryst, by J. P. Cross

Explode/Implode, by Dom Maitland

Green Grass, by Peter James  









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