John Oryem, editor


The Holy Warrior, by David L. Lukudu Revised 1/10/07

Letter to a Faint Heart, by John Oryem  Posted 2/25/06

We Are the Winners, by John Oryem  Posted 4/30/05

Moments of Reflection, by David L. Lukudu (PG-13)  Posted 1/22/05

Amna's Tears, by John Oryem  Posted 12/31/04

A False Thief, by David L. Lukudu (PG-13) Posted 12/12/04

The Day my Brothers Thought I Was their Father, by John Oryem  bio    Posted 8/28/04

Poetry by John Oryem

Into Your Gentle Hands

Dried Staw

Zinnia from Rejaf

Your Pieces

Revelation of a Life

Love Has Wounded Me

Walking in the Woods



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