Rais Neza Boneza, editor

Faith and Crime in an Old and Civilised World, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa   Posted 1/14/07


Conflict in Eastern Congo (DRC)  - Peace Perspectives, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa Posted 6/24/06


Elections Towards Peace and Stability

In D.R. Congo, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema Posted 9/30/06

Rwanda, Sustainable Reconciliation by Rutagengwa Claude Shema Posted 8/12/06

Africa Report - Ras Neza Boneza  A weekly series starting 4/15/06

Leave or Die!, by Rais Neza Boneza (Refugee from D.R. Congo) (G)

World Citizen's Democracy, by Rais Neza Boneza (G)

The Smiling Child of the Equator, by Rais Neza Boneza (G)

Butins de Chair, by Rais Neza Boneza  (G)

People Behind Bars, by Rais Neza Boneza

Song of the Shadow, by Rais Neza Boneza

Atonement (Excerpt from e-book), by Diane Oatley   






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