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The House of Khol - by Sonny Azeez  Continuing

A Time to Grow, by Joel Ogar  Posted 2/25/07

Going Home, by V. U. Umelo  Selected for Author Africa 2007 Posted 8/27/06

Married to the Lord, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama Posted 8/26/06

Tenant in the City, by Clarius Ugwuoha Posted 8/5/06

Sam and the Wallet, by Uche Peter Umez Posted 7/22/06

A Night so Damp, by Uche Peter Umez  Posted 7/21/06

The True Winners, by Henry Onyeama  Posted 7/21/06

The Tyrant has Gone, by Clarius Ugwuoha  Posted 6/10/06

Mother Moon, by Gbenga Adeosun children's story Posted 5/20/06

Passions of Patriots, by Joseph Wanshe Posted 5/13/06 (continuing)

The Boy's Revenge, by Uche Peter Umez Posted 4/1/06

A Messy Trip, by Cheluchi Onyemelukwe Posted 3/25/06

Waiting for the Ferry, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Posted 2/19/06

Satan's Soup is Sweet, by Henry Onyeama (PG-13) Posted 2/4/06

Chronicles of the Absurd: Facts, Fads, and Fictions, by Samuel Kolawole (R)  Posted 2/4/06

Confessions to Crime by Clarius Ugwuoha  Posted 2/4/06

My Friends Come and Go, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Posted 2/4/06

A Promise Made, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Posted 1/14/06

Lost Paradise, by Chika Onuoha  Posted 1/1/06

Murphy's Law,  by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo  Posted 1/1/06

Whose Wife is She?, by Cheluchi Onyemelukwe  Posted 12/26/05

The Street Hawker and the Herdsman (R), by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Posted 12/26/05

The Girl and the Man, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Posted 12/18/05

Fragile, by Uche Peter Umez  Posted 12/18/05

A Date with Robert, by Chielo Eze - Posted 12/18/05

The Final World Order, by Joseph Wanshe - Posted 12/4/05

Phantom of the Python, by Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo  Posted 12/4/05

Teachers' Reward, by Ehichoya Ekozilen Posted 12/4/05

Friends Since Armitage Days, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo   Posted 11/27/05

The New Job, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Posted 11/5/05

I Remember Syl, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo Revised 7/24/05

Part i

Part ii

Part iii

Fingers in Chain, by Uchechukwu Agodom  Posted 6/19/05

Rough Diamond, by Bolanle Aduwo  Posted 5/29/05

Mr. Apia Akpaka, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo (PG-13)  Posted 5/22/05

So This Is Lagos (PG-13), by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo   Posted 4/24/05

The President, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo (a novel for teens)  Posted 4/10/05

A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness, by Tony Esezobar   Posted 3/5/05    Book


First Report: Abaddon

Second Report: Affliction

Third Report:  Temptation

Fourth Report:  Wickedness

Fifth Report:  Hell Warder


The Road Farer, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo  (PG-13)  Posted 3/27/05

Emptied of Hearts, by Dennis Ezechukwu  (Posted 3/27/05)

Whim of the Gods, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo (PG-13)  Posted 2/20/05

Seat of Log, by Uchechukwu Agodom (G)  Posted 1/18/05

A Dream Poem, by Oba Adebayo-Begun   Posted 1/15/05

A Thick Silence, by Uchechukwu Agodom  Posted 1/8/05

Fading Dreams, by Chika Onuoha  Posted 12/31/04

Campus Act, by Steve Ogah (G)  Posted 12/28/04

Leaving, Living, by Anietie Isong Posted 12/27/04

The Glimpse of a Dream, by Eyitemi Egwuenu Posted 12/12/04

The Best Help, by Dennis Ezechukwu (G) Posted 12/12/04

Broken Melody, by Eyitemi Egwuenu (G) Posted 11/7/04

Redemption Theatre, by Ezechukwu Dennis () Posted 11/7/04

The Lone Crusader, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo  (PG-13) Posted 10/16/04

Dehydration of Fishes inside Rivers, by Ezechukwu Dennis Posted 7/3/04

Hacked, by Leoman Valloway 

Only Listened, by Churchill Ogunewe    






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