Tempus Fugit, by Nor Liana Abdul Rahman (PG)

Poet's Love, by Lee Man Hee

A Personal Letter, by Man Hee Lee

Blind Worm Walking, by Man Hee Lee

Blank Slate, by King of Foolz 

Beg to Differ, by Man Hee Lee  

A Winter Shower (Shigure), by Man Hee Lee  

Yesterday's Sorrow, by Man Hee Lee  

Song of Whisper, by * Pretty Star *

I Mirror your Sorrow, by * Pretty Star *

Inexpressible Feelings, by Joseph Lee    

F.r.i.e.n.d.s., by Moon*

Do Not Hesitate, by Joseph Lee 

Again and Again, by Man Hee Lee

Till Next Time, My Friends, by Mohamad Ghifari Suleiman   

Emptiness, by Joseph Lee    

Sixteenth Birthday, by Iona Khong 

Dare to Differ, by Man Hee Lee

Call to Arms, by King of Foolz  Revised!

Don't Let Me, by Man Hee Lee

My Divine Right, by Jalen Leong

Short and Sweet, by Joseph Lee 

Miss You, by Joseph Lee 

Why in the First Place, by Lee Man Hee 

Trust, by Joseph Lee 

There Will Always Be, by Joseph Lee 

My Letter to a Friend, by Joseph Lee 

Love for Her, by Joseph Lee 

Absence, by Man Hee Lee 

Love, by Joseph Lee 

First Love, by Joseph Lee 

The Sky and the Sun, by Joseph Lee 

The Way that I'm Walking On, by Joseph Lee 

I Didn't Know, Really Didn't Know, by Joseph Lee 

I Know It's Hard, by Joseph Lee 

Change, Notice, and Promise, by Joseph Lee 

Falling, by jaSmine e. 

Prison for your Head, by King of Foolz 

Yet, by Lee Man Hee  

To All Who Know Me, by Lee Man Hee  

To You My Nightingale, by Lee Man Hee  

King for a Day, by Lee Man Hee 

Utopia, by The King of Foolz 

My Creation, by Lee Man Hee

Sorry Night Sky, by Lee Man Hee 

Since You've Gone, by Iona Khong

To Say Where You Belong, by Lee Man Hee

*Two-Faced*, by jaSmine e.

Ghosts, by jaSmine e.

++++The Starry Night++++, by Nabila Adnan

Appropriate, by The King of Foolz

Am I There Yet?, by Lee Man Hee

Sometimes, by Fate Twister 

Do You Think?, by Casshire

Art of Losing, by Lee Man Hee 

Me & I, by Lee Man Hee

Talking to a Mirror, by Iona Khong 

My Christmas Untrue, by Lee Man Hee

Stop Smiling, by The King of Foolz 

Two Seashells Apart, by * Pretty Star *

A beautiful love story dissolves into difficult realities, and a last-minute lunge to go back turns sour. Romeo and Juliet pales in comparison to this modern tale.

The Naked Body, by Pretty Star 

Summer, by Man Hee Lee 

Why Can't You Just Notice, by Fate Twister 

Saying Goodbye, by Iona Khong

Are We There Yet?, by King of Fools 

Questions, by Iona Khong

Liking You Seems So Hard, by -awpy-

I'm Falling in Love, by Fate Twister 

Farewell My Friend, by Ashley Woon 

Live Your Dreams, by Fate Twister

School, by Mohd. Ghifari Suleiman

Final War, by Man Hee Lee

Forgiven, not Forgotten, by Jasmine Eng 

Violets are Blue (A Novelty), by Mohd. Ghifari Suleiman 

I'm Just a Girl ya Know, by Iona Khong 

Looking Back, by King of Fools

Wall Flower, by Iona Khong   

I'm Sorry (Dedicated to P3), by Lee Manhee   

A Genie in a Dream, by Pretty Star  

I Wanna Say Goodbye, by Iona Khong 

Thy Poison Untrue, by Lee Manhee   

It Was Not Meant to Be, by Pretty Star 

Sonnet: What is Life without Dreams, by Lee Manhee

Girl at the Window, by Pretty Star 

Escape from my Reality to my Imaginary, by Pretty Star 






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