Shanain, a Folk Tale and Novel by Milli Morgana Crow   

“Green Hills meet your eyes wherever you look. Yonder them hills of green lay my heart. This is me home, this is me heart…Shanain. Where the wind blows soft and the rain pours down on you washing all your sins away. Oh this is freedom, and this is where my story begins. My name is Ian McGilles of the McGilles Clan. I was the oldest of my five brothers and had to take care of them for times were tough. We were very poor, you see, for work was scarce and the dangers lie ahead. Lord Rowans had claimed war with Shanain and was slowly burning the villages and destroying the clans that would not surrender to him. You see we were farmers, poor but never falling so low to sign a treaty with him. We hoped that it would never come to this for we lived high and far away from his kingdom where no one could touch us and we could live our life in peace. But we were wrong…”

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Cold as Ice, a Poem by Milli Morgana Crow   





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