Rehema, by Jane Musoke-Nteyafas (Excerpt from Novel) Posted 4/1/06

Addicted to Meaning, Opinion by Sean M. Swaby (Canada) Posted 6/19/05

...And Everything Goes Black, by Darcy Metz

Vampires, by Meagan Richards  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5

Part 6

The Bus, by Shiloh Kaeden

Spring of New York, by Tanya Visutski 

The Awakening, by Edward Switzer 

Forever Yours, by Susannah Farrell 

This is a fictional story about a young woman that was abused by both her father and her boyfriend.  In the story, it seems like it didn't take her very long to realize what was happening to her, but she that is because she was lucky enough to have had the help of another battered woman, a doctor that sought out to help her and didn't let up.


Chapter One

Chapter Two

The Message, by Shannon Clarke 

'Tis the Season, by Byron Durgan 

Stooge, by JM Stories   

Mexican Magic, by Lauren Mickens 

September 11th 2001, by ron McCandlish  

The Last Taxi for Charlie Jack, by Ramon Kwok   

Safety in the Stars, by Bayleigh Maida  

War, by Bayleigh Maida  

Night Gods, by Bayleigh Maida  

To the Bartender, by Audrey Santos

My Heart, by Audrey Santos

Kiss Me, by Audrey Santos

Nightwalk, by Audrey Santos

May 4, 2000, by Audrey Santos

Late, by Audrey Santos

Nahiliolani, by Ramon Kwok 

Halifax, by Edwin R. Morris 

Halifax Explosion, by Edwin R. Morris

A Corner of Addiction, by Violet Sarah Love 

Sonderkommando, by Ramon Kwok 

The Cane, by Ramon Kwok

I Am Broken, by Jules Delorme

Fortune City, by Ally Taylor

Without Breath (i need you near), by Ally Taylor

Two Poems, by Amy Besner 

Hate Holds Anger, by Amy Besner 

Transformation of Human Lust into Lifeless Art, by Amy Besner 




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